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Analysis and Characterization of an Unclassified RFI Affecting Ionospheric Amplitude Scintillation Index Over the Mediterranean Area

Emanuele Pica, Alex Minetto, Claudio Cesaroni and Fabio Dovis
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 16 8230 (2023)

Ionosphere variability I: Advances in observational, monitoring and detection capabilities

Ioanna Tsagouri, Anna Belehaki, David R. Themens, Norbert Jakowski, Tim Fuller-Rowell, Mainul M. Hoque, Grzegorz Nykiel, Wojciech J. Miloch, Claudia Borries, Anna Morozova, Teresa Barata, William Engelke and Ja-Soon Shim
Advances in Space Research (2023)

Evidence of an upper ionospheric electric field perturbation correlated with a gamma ray burst

Mirko Piersanti, Pietro Ubertini, Roberto Battiston, Angela Bazzano, Giulia D’Angelo, James G. Rodi, Piero Diego, Zhima Zeren, Roberto Ammendola, Davide Badoni, Simona Bartocci, Stefania Beolè, Igor Bertello, William J. Burger, Donatella Campana, Antonio Cicone, Piero Cipollone, Silvia Coli, Livio Conti, Andrea Contin, Marco Cristoforetti, Fabrizio De Angelis, Cinzia De Donato, Cristian De Santis, Andrea Di Luca, et al.
Nature Communications 14 (1) (2023)

A multiparametric-multilayer comparison of the preparation phase of two geophysical events in the Tonga-Kermadec subduction zone: the 2019 M7.2 Kermadec earthquake and 2022 Hunga Ha’apai eruption

Serena D’Arcangelo, Mauro Regi, Angelo De Santis, Loredana Perrone, Gianfranco Cianchini, Maurizio Soldani, Alessandro Piscini, Cristiano Fidani, Dario Sabbagh, Stefania Lepidi and Domenico Di Mauro
Frontiers in Earth Science 11 (2023)

Controlling Factors of Artificial Irregularities Triggered by Chemical Release at Low Latitude Ionosphere

Jing‐Fan Gao, Zheng‐Wen Xu, Li‐Xin Guo, Kun Xue and Hai‐Sheng Zhao
Space Weather 21 (1) (2023)

Haiti Earthquake (Mw 7.2): Magnetospheric–Ionospheric–Lithospheric Coupling during and after the Main Shock on 14 August 2021

Giulia D’Angelo, Mirko Piersanti, Roberto Battiston, et al.
Remote Sensing 14 (21) 5340 (2022)

Development and Evaluation of Near‐Real Time TEC and Ancillary Products for SANSA Space Weather

Tshimangadzo M. Matamba and Donald W. Danskin
Space Weather 20 (5) (2022)

A study of equatorial plasma bubble structure using VHF radar and GNSS scintillations over the low-latitude regions

Acharaporn Bumrungkit, Pornchai Supnithi, Susumu Saito and Lin Min Min Myint
GPS Solutions 26 (4) (2022)

Applying the geodetic detrending technique for investigating the consistency of GPS L2P(Y) in several receivers

J. M. Juan, J. Sanz, G. González-Casado, et al.
Journal of Geodesy 96 (11) (2022)

Climatology of ionospheric amplitude scintillation on GNSS signals at south American sector during solar cycle 24

Eduardo Perez Macho, Emília Correia, Luca Spogli and Marcio Tadeu de Assis Honorato Muella
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 231 105872 (2022)

A comprehensive multiparametric and multilayer approach to study the preparation phase of large earthquakes from ground to space: The case study of the June 15 2019, M7.2 Kermadec Islands (New Zealand) earthquake

A. De Santis, L. Perrone, M. Calcara, et al.
Remote Sensing of Environment 283 113325 (2022)

Performance Evaluation of VTEC GIMs for Regional Applications during Different Solar Activity Periods, Using RING TEC Values

Vincenza Tornatore, Claudio Cesaroni, Michael Pezzopane, Mohamad Mahdi Alizadeh and Harald Schuh
Remote Sensing 13 (8) 1470 (2021)

Challenges to Equatorial Plasma Bubble and Ionospheric Scintillation Short-Term Forecasting and Future Aspects in East and Southeast Asia

Guozhu Li, Baiqi Ning, Yuichi Otsuka, et al.
Surveys in Geophysics 42 (1) 201 (2021)

Investigation of the Physical Processes Involved in GNSS Amplitude Scintillations at High Latitude: A Case Study

Giulia D’Angelo, Mirko Piersanti, Alessio Pignalberi, et al.
Remote Sensing 13 (13) 2493 (2021)

Ionospheric Response Over Brazil to the August 2018 Geomagnetic Storm as Probed by CSES‐01 and Swarm Satellites and by Local Ground‐Based Observations

L. Spogli, D. Sabbagh, M. Regi, C. Cesaroni, L. Perrone, L. Alfonsi, D. Di Mauro, S. Lepidi, S. A. Campuzano, D. Marchetti, A. De Santis, A. Malagnini, C. Scotto, G. Cianchini, Xu Hui Shen, A. Piscini and A. Ippolito
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TEC derived from local GPS network in Pakistan and comparison with IRI-2016 and IRI-PLAS 2017

Maria Mehmood, Renato Filjar, Sajid Saleem, Munawar Shah and Arslan Ahmed
Acta Geophysica 69 (1) 381 (2021)

IONORING: Real-Time Monitoring of the Total Electron Content over Italy

Claudio Cesaroni, Luca Spogli and Giorgiana De Franceschi
Remote Sensing 13 (16) 3290 (2021)

Ionospheric Disturbances Over the Indian Sector During 8 September 2017 Geomagnetic Storm: Plasma Structuring and Propagation

L. Alfonsi, C. Cesaroni, L. Spogli, M. Regi, A. Paul, S. Ray, S. Lepidi, D. Di Mauro, H. Haralambous, C. Oikonomou, P. R. Shreedevi and A. K. Sinha
Space Weather 19 (3) (2021)

Space Weather Services for Civil Aviation—Challenges and Solutions

Kirsti Kauristie, Jesse Andries, Peter Beck, et al.
Remote Sensing 13 (18) 3685 (2021)

A case study of correspondence between Pc1 activity and ionospheric irregularities at polar latitudes

P. Francia, M. Regi, M. De Lauretis, et al.
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GPS loss of lock statistics over Brazil during the 24th solar cycle

Juliana G. Damaceno, Karl Bolmgren, Jon Bruno, et al.
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Correlation between ionospheric scintillation effects and GNSS positioning over Brazil during the last solar maximum (2012–2014)

Daniele Barroca Marra Alves, Eniuce Menezes de Souza and Tayná Aparecida Ferreira Gouveia
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 197 105019 (2020)

Investigation of the latitudinal occurrence rate of ionospheric plasma bubble in case of strong and weak pre–reversal enhancement in Southeast Asia

A Olla, P Abadi and W Srigutomo
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1523 (1) 012024 (2020)

Ionospheric VTEC variations over Pakistan in the descending phase of solar activity during 2016–17

M. Arslan Tariq, Munawar Shah, M. Hernández-Pajares and Talat Iqbal
Astrophysics and Space Science 364 (6) (2019)

On some features characterizing the plasmasphere–magnetosphere–ionosphere system during the geomagnetic storm of 27 May 2017

Michael Pezzopane, Afredo Del Corpo, Mirko Piersanti, et al.
Earth, Planets and Space 71 (1) (2019)

Investigation of the relationship between the spatial gradient of total electron content (TEC) between two nearby stations and the occurrence of ionospheric irregularities

Teshome Dugassa, John Bosco Habarulema and Melessew Nigussie
Annales Geophysicae 37 (6) 1161 (2019)

The ionosphere prediction service prototype for GNSS users

Sreeja Vadakke Veettil, Claudio Cesaroni, Marcio Aquino, et al.
Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate 9 A41 (2019)

Role of the external drivers in the occurrence of low-latitude ionospheric scintillation revealed by multi-scale analysis

Luca Spogli, Mirko Piersanti, Claudio Cesaroni, et al.
Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate 9 A35 (2019)

Accuracy of GNSS Methods

Emília Correia, Marcio Tadeu de Assis Honorato Muella, Lucilla Alfonsi, Fabricio dos Santos Prol and Paulo de Oliveira Camargo
Accuracy of GNSS Methods (2019)

Regional Short‐Term Forecasting of Ionospheric TEC and Scintillation

Marcin Grzesiak, Claudio Cesaroni, Luca Spogli, Giorgiana De Franceschi and Vincenzo Romano
Radio Science 53 (10) 1254 (2018)

The Total Electron Content From InSAR and GNSS: A Midlatitude Study

Elvira Musico, Claudio Cesaroni, Luca Spogli, et al.
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 11 (5) 1725 (2018)

Analysis of the Regional Ionosphere at Low Latitudes in Support of the Biomass ESA Mission

Lucilla Alfonsi, Gabriella Povero, Luca Spogli, et al.
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 56 (11) 6412 (2018)

Statistical Analysis of Separation Distance Between Equatorial Plasma Bubbles Near Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand

Acharaporn Bumrungkit, Pornchai Supnithi and Susumu Saito
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Comparison between IRI-2012 and GPS-TEC observations over the western Black Sea

Samed Inyurt, Omer Yildirim and Cetin Mekik
Annales Geophysicae 35 (4) 817 (2017)

Equatorial ionospheric disturbances over the East African sector during the 2015 St. Patrick’s day storm

O.J. Olwendo, C. Cesaroni, Y. Yamazaki and P. Cilliers
Advances in Space Research 60 (8) 1817 (2017)

Study of ionospheric scintillation characteristics in Australia with GNSS during 2011–2015

Kai Guo, Yan Zhao, Yang Liu, et al.
Advances in Space Research 59 (12) 2909 (2017)

Ionosphere Monitoring in South East Asia in the ERICA Study

Gabriella Povero, Lucilla Alfonsi, Luca Spogli, et al.
Navigation 64 (2) 273 (2017)

A comprehensive assessment of ionospheric gradients observed in Ecuador during 2013 and 2014 for ground based augmentation systems

S. Sánchez-Naranjo, W. Rincón, R. Ramos-Pollán, F.A. González and S. Soley
Advances in Space Research 59 (8) 1992 (2017)

Climatology and modeling of ionospheric scintillations and irregularity zonal drifts at the equatorial anomaly crest region

Marcio T. A. H. Muella, Marcelo H. Duarte-Silva, Alison O. Moraes, et al.
Annales Geophysicae 35 (6) 1201 (2017)

Does TEC react to a sudden impulse as a whole? The 2015 Saint Patrick’s day storm event

M. Piersanti, C. Cesaroni, L. Spogli and T. Alberti
Advances in Space Research 60 (8) 1807 (2017)

Comprehensive Analysis of the Geoeffective Solar Event of 21 June 2015: Effects on the Magnetosphere, Plasmasphere, and Ionosphere Systems

Mirko Piersanti, Tommaso Alberti, Alessandro Bemporad, et al.
Solar Physics 292 (11) (2017)

Electrodynamic disturbances in the Brazilian equatorial and low‐latitude ionosphere on St. Patrick's Day storm of 17 March 2015

K. Venkatesh, S. Tulasi Ram, P. R. Fagundes, Gopi K. Seemala and I. S. Batista
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 122 (4) 4553 (2017)

The First Use of Coordinated Ionospheric Radio and Optical Observations Over Italy: Convergence of High‐and Low‐Latitude Storm‐Induced Effects

C. Cesaroni, L. Alfonsi, M. Pezzopane, C. Martinis, J. Baumgardner, J. Wroten, M. Mendillo, E. Musicò, M. Lazzarin and G. Umbriaco
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 122 (11) (2017)

Short-term estimation of GNSS TEC using a neural network model in Brazil

Arthur Amaral Ferreira, Renato Alves Borges, Claudia Paparini, Luigi Ciraolo and Sandro M. Radicella
Advances in Space Research 60 (8) 1765 (2017)

Formation of ionospheric irregularities over Southeast Asia during the 2015 St. Patrick's Day storm

Luca Spogli, Claudio Cesaroni, Domenico Di Mauro, Michael Pezzopane, Lucilla Alfonsi, Elvira Musicò, Gabriella Povero, Marco Pini, Fabio Dovis, Rodrigo Romero, Nicola Linty, Prayitno Abadi, Fitri Nuraeni, Asnawi Husin, Minh Le Huy, Tran Thi Lan, The Vinh La, Valdir Gil Pillat and Nicolas Floury
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 121 (12) (2016)

Tucumán ionospheric model (TIM): Initial results for STEC predictions

L.A. Scidá, R.G. Ezquer, M.A. Cabrera, C. Jadur and A.M. Sfer
Advances in Space Research 58 (6) 821 (2016)

Performance of ionospheric maps in support of long baseline GNSS kinematic positioning at low latitudes

J. Park, V. Sreeja, M. Aquino, C. Cesaroni, L. Spogli, A. Dodson and G. De Franceschi
Radio Science 51 (5) 429 (2016)

Validation of NeQuick 2 model over the Kenyan region through data ingestion and the model application in ionospheric studies

O.J. Olwendo and C. Cesaroni
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 145 143 (2016)