E-SWAN, the European Space Weather and Space Climate Association, is an International Not-for-Profit Association (INPA) established under Belgian law. The mission of E-SWAN is to unite, sustain, and develop Space Weather and Space Climate activities primarily in Europe. E-SWAN was founded in 2022 as a result of a community effort to unite forces of various entities in order to sustain and further develop activities of the space weather and space climate communities. Its objectives include, among others, support to the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC), the European Space Weather Week (ESWW), and the Medal Award Committee. E-SWAN aims at gathering all persons interested in Space Weather and Space Climate regardless of nationality and country of residence. To join E-SWAN register on the E-SWAN website "How to join E-SWAN?" .

The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, STCE is a scientific institute focussing on the Sun, through space, up to the Earth and it's atmosphere. The solid base of the STCE is the existing experience in fundamental solar and earth atmospheric physics research, the involvement in earth-based and space missions, a broad variety of space weather linked services and a fully operational eligible space weather application centre. The scientists act at different levels within the frame of internal, national and international collaborations of scientific and commercial oriented partners. The STCE benefits also from the platform of interaction offered through the ESA (SWWT, SWENET), EU (COST, FP7) and others (ISES, …).
The STCE skills are based on know-how, sharing knowledge, man power, infrastructure and a reliable network in the field Sun-Space-Earth. STCE website