Aims and scope

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) is an international multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed open access journal which publishes papers on all aspects of space weather and space climate from a broad range of scientific and technical fields including solar and heliospheric physics, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, space plasma physics, aeronomy, planetology, radio science, geophysics, biology, medicine, astronautics, aeronautics, electrical engineering, meteorology, climatology, economy, informatics…

JSWSC publishes regular research articles, technical articles, outreach articles, invited topical research and review articles.

JSWSC adopts three generic criteria to evaluate the submitted manuscripts: quality, relevance and overall interest to the space weather and space climate communities. Manuscripts must adhere to the quality standards of international scientific journals and are reviewed by at least two external reviewers. It is required that all manuscripts submitted for publication in JSWSC contain enough new insight; present the results against a properly referenced background of existing work; present adequate evidence that supports the conclusions. All manuscripts must be written clearly, concisely and comprehensively and include all necessary and appropriate figures and tables but not more. Only manuscripts which are not concurrently submitted to or under review by another journal can be considered for publication in JSWSC.

Manuscripts about new instrumental developments and/or observational procedures are very suitable for publication under the category of technical papers. However, we encourage and expect that such papers will use measurable physical quantities to demonstrate expected performance or to validate actual performances of these new developments or procedures.

JSWSC also publishes the results of research in education and outreach, to share experiences and innovations, to learn how to apply education research in the classroom and to communicate the results of interesting projects. For submissions on education and outreach it is required that the papers demonstrate the usefulness of presented ideas, presented in a clear and effective way, and to provide enough evidence concerning the validation of the techniques applied.

Being an open access journal, JSWSC favours also open access data and methods. However, proprietary data or methods will not be a reason for rejecting a paper. In this case, the Editors may ask the authors to provide the Associate Editor and the reviewers in charge of the review process with a private and confidential access to the data or methods.

If it is unclear whether a manuscript is suitable for JSWSC, we encourage potential authors to contact JSWSC (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to seek advice. Accepted papers are published in electronic form only, taking advantage of the dissemination opportunities offered by electronic media.