Interview with Jean Lilensten (JSWSC)

EDP Sciences now offers masterclasses on scientific writing aimed at the next generation of authors. To support the masterclasses, EDP Sciences is producing a series of video interviews with Editors-in-Chief of journals published by EDP Sciences and beyond. These videos aim to help early career researchers and PhD students understand what journals are looking for in academic papers.

The first video produced by EDP Sciences is a video interview with Jean Lilensten - Editor-in-Chief of the open access Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate

In this interview, Jean Lilensten gives his advice to early career researchers, discusses the editorial process at JSWSC, and shares common reasons for acceptance or rejection of articles.

“When a paper is rejected, I always try to find good things in the paper that would help the author to resubmit something which will have chances to be published,” said Jean Lilensten in the video interview. “It happens that some papers lack maturity. Any time this happens I try to help the authors, so that the papers become more mature and they are able to submit a successful paper.”

Jean Lilensten works at the Institute for Planetary sciences and Astrophysics, Grenoble, and participates in exploratory expeditions to the Arctic. He founded the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC), published by EDP Sciences, of which he is now the Co-Editor-in-Chief. He is the author of several books on space meteorology for the general public, and regularly participates in radio and television programs including on French Channel 5.

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The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) is an international multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed open access journal which publishes papers on all aspects of space weather and space climate from a broad range of scientific and technical fields. Visit JSWSC online to read the instructions for authors and submit your paper; sign up for email-alerts or to recommend the journal to a colleague.

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