2018 Impact Factors - significant increase for the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate is an international open access journal which has seen a rise in its Impact Factor to 2.821 from 2.333 in this year’s Journal Citation Reports® (JCR). This represents an increase of 20.9%. Notably, it also enjoys a strong five-year Impact Factor of 3.368. (“A 5-Year Impact Factor shows the long-term citation trend for a journal.” Clarivate Analytics ) It has moved up in all three categories in which it is tracked and is now ranked 30/86 (Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences), 25/69 (Astronomy and Astrophysics) and 30/84 (Geochemistry and Geophysics).

The journal continues to innovate to meet the needs of its audience and recently launched the " Agora " supplement for papers on public outreach, historical accounts, commentaries, and meeting and project reports. Agora papers are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board, indexed similarly to regular JSWSC papers, and citable.

This year’s Impact Factor confirms the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate’s position as an important voice in the discipline.