XXX Ursigass (Istanbul, Turkey, August 13-20, 2011)

The XXX General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science (Union Radio Scientifique Internationale-URSI) will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on August 13-20, 2011.

The XXX General Assembly and Scientific Symposium will have a scientific program consisting of plenary lectures, public lectures, tutorials, posters, invited and contributed papers organized around the ten Commissions of URSI.

In addition, there will be workshops, short courses, special programs for young scientists, student paper competition, programs for accompanying persons, and industrial exhibits.

Over 1,500 scientists from more than fifty countries are expected to participate in the Assembly.


COST ES0803 workshop "Assessment and Validation of Space Weather models", Alcala 16-17 March 2011

COST Action ES0803

Workshop on Assessment and Validation of Space Weather Models
Alcala, Spain, 16-17 March 2011

Call for Papers

The main objective of the workshop is the assessment and validation of space weather models developed by the European research community. To aid achieving the objective, advances on space weather model validation made internationally will be presented by invited experts. Models to be considered may be research models, pre-operational models, operational prototypes and fully operational implementations. Categories to be considered include physical, semi-empirical and empirical models, automatically or operator initialized models, models based on a deterministic or a probabilistic approach or a combination of both, models using assimilative schemes. A common requirement is the predictive capability which is the key parameter to be evaluated. For the purpose of this workshop predictive means that the model is able to produce values of physical parameters which can be compared with observations. Prediction is more comprehensive than forecast which means producing future values of physical parameters.

Contributions are solicited in the following areas:

  • Compilation of European predictive space weather models and verification methods
  • Observation uncertainties, impact of physical correlations on uncertainties in models and uncertainty propagation through models to predictions
  • Quantitative and objective validation of model performance
    • Physical parameters appropriate for metrics definition
    • Physical limitations on model performance
    • Critical assessment of model prediction lead time
  • Developer approaches to model validation versus user requirements
  • Assessment and classification of the predictive power of space weather models

The workshop will consist of a selection of invited and contributed talks and posters. Interactive presentations are welcome. We foresee a concluding discussion addressing two objectives,

  • attempt to match requirements for space weather model validation seen from a user's point of view with capabilities for validation seen from a model developer's point of view,
  • formulate recommendations on how the COST Action ES0803 may proceed in order to develop guide lines for assessment and validation of space weather models.

The workshop is organised in conjunction with the 5th Management Committee Meeting (MCM) of the COST Action ES0803 which will take place on 15 March 2011. Please note that although the MCM is restricted to the National Representatives and to invited experts, participation in the Workshop (on 16 and 17 March 2011) is open to the whole community, and free of any registration fee.

Instructions and schedule for abstracts submission:

  • Please submit your abstract through the on-line tool available at
  • Deadline for abstracts submission is Monday 7 February 2011.
  • Participants will be informed concerning the acceptance and scheduling of their submissions on Wednesday 9 February 2011, through the workshop's web site.

Participants will be encouraged to publish their work in the newly established "Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate".

Call for papers presented in the ESWW7 (Jan. 2011)

Dear ESWW7 Participant,

With reference to the Seventh European Space Weather Week held in Bruges from 15 - 19 November 2010, we are pleased to invite papers presented either in plenary or in splinter sessions, to be submitted to the Journal for Space Weather and Space Climate .

Manuscripts on scientific research results, engineering developments and programmatic issues are appropriate for publication in SWSC.
Papers must be submitted electronically to

Submitted papers must be written in English and should include full affiliation addresses for all authors. Both full-length papers and letters will be considered for publication, subject to peer review by at least two reviewers. There are no page limits although the length of the paper should be appropriate for the material being presented. While the deadline for contributions is 10 February 2011, papers will be published electronically as soon as they are accepted. Papers submitted by the deadline will be referenced in an initial article on the journal webpages and in various newsletters announcing first publications in the journal. Please note that publication in Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate before the next European Space Weather Week (ESWW8) cannot be guaranteed for manuscripts submitted after the deadline.
Publication to Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate is free of charge.

We ask authors who plan on submitting papers to provide Dr. Anna Belehaki (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with the following information as soon as possible:

  • Name of corresponding author
  • Approximate Title
  • Expected submission date

The general format for submission of papers is on the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate web site (Instructions for authors).

With kind regards,
On behalf of the organising committee, Anna Belehaki and Alexi Glover

SWSC publications (Nov. 2010)

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Why you should publish in SWSC... (Nov. 2010)

Space weather is the physical and phenomenological state of natural space environments. The associated discipline aims, through observation, monitoring, analysis and modelling, at understanding and predicting the state of the sun, the interplanetary and planetary environments, and the solar and non-solar driven perturbations that affect them; and also at forecasting and nowcasting the possible impacts on biological and technological systems.

Space climate deals with the middle and long term aspects of space weather, their manifestations in the heliosphere and their effects on planetary environments including the impacts on climate.

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7th European Space Weather Week (15-19 Nov. 2010)

European Space Weather Week

The seventh European Space Weather Week will take place in Brugge, Belgium, from Monday 15th November to Friday 19th November 2010.

This meeting is being jointly organised by the Belgian Solar-Terrestrial Center of Excellence (STCE), ESA, the Space Weather Working Team and the COST ES0803 communities. The ESWW will again adopt this year the central aim of bringing together diverse communities working on all aspects of space weather from key research developments through to end user needs.

For more information please visit the web site