Proposal for a Topical Issues based on ESWW13 sessions

If you are convening a session at the ESWW13 and would you like to be a Topical Editor in Chief for a Topical Issue (TI) in SWSC, you can send us your proposal for a TI. You are allowed to combine with other conveners whose sessions are close to yours. Your TI would be open to non-participants to the ESWW.

From your propositions, the SWSC Editorial Board will select the two most promising. In order to do so, please

1) Send us a mail before September, 15th to tell us whether you are interested in participating

2) If so, provide by November 30th (during or just after the ESWW13):

  • A list of papers that are expected to be submitted if the TI is selected
  • A list of 2 to 4 colleagues who will help you in handling the TI as « Associate Editors »

Finally, if you have a really outstanding presentation (oral or poster) in your session, you may propose that a corresponding manuscript is submitted to SWSC and quoted as "invited" even if your TI is not selected. It will follow the regular review process and if accepted will be stamped "invited".

Please, do not hesitate to contact Anna Belehaki (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Jean Lilensten (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for any question

Best regards
Anna and Jean

If your proposal is selected, you will serve as "Topical Editor in chief". Upon acceptance of your TI, you will be given access to our Manuscript Management System, which handles the following steps automatically (with templates asf). Our editorial office will provide support during the process.

Any time a paper is submitted to your TI:

  • It is read by Anna Belehaki, Jean Lilensten and the Topical EiC. If the 3 of us decide to reject it immediately, we send a mail to the authors with our arguments for rejecting it. If at least one of us thinks that it should proceed to a peer review, we send it to an AE after discussion between the three of us (handling a journal is a lot of discussions).
  • An AE is invited to handle the manuscript. (S)he may deny or accept, (s)he may also recommend to reject it . If (s)he handles it, (s)he looks for 2 reviewers (2 are mandatory) and follows the process until the final decision.
  • The AE makes a recommendation for the final decision to the Topical editor, to Anna and to Jean: legally, the EiCs are the authority to decide. When a paper is rejected, we write a mail to the authors on behalf of the EiCs. When it is accepted, we send a mail on behalf of the AE (so that when an author is angry, we get all the bitter words but when an author is happy, the nice words go to the AE).