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The "Agora" is a JSWSC supplement for papers on education and public outreach, historical accounts, commentaries, and meeting and project reports. Agora papers are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board, indexed similarly to regular JSWSC papers, and citable. The JSWSC Agora was established in 2019. Volume 9 is the first volume to contain Agora papers.

Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate

Volume 5 (2015)

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Satellite mission concepts developed at the Alpbach 2013 Summer School on space weather

Open Access

A Space weather information service based upon remote and in-situ measurements of coronal mass ejections heading for Earth - A concept mission consisting of six spacecraft in a heliocentric orbit at 0.72 AU A3


Statistical Challenges in Solar Information Processing

Solar variability, solar forcing, and coupling mechanisms in the terrestrial atmosphere