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The "Agora" is a JSWSC supplement for papers on education and public outreach, historical accounts, commentaries, and meeting and project reports. Agora papers are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board, indexed similarly to regular JSWSC papers, and citable. The JSWSC Agora was established in 2019. Volume 9 is the first volume to contain Agora papers.

Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate

Volume 8 (2018)

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Planetary Space Weather

System Science: Application to Space Weather Analysis, Modelling, and Forecasting

Measurement, Specification and Forecasting of the Solar Energetic Particle Environment and GLEs

Developing New Space Weather Tools: Transitioning fundamental science to operational prediction systems

Space weather effects on GNSS and their mitigation

Flares, coronal mass ejections and solar energetic particles and their space weather impacts

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Research Article

Analysis and interpretation of inner-heliospheric SEP events with the ESA Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM) onboard the INTEGRAL and Rosetta Missions A40